3D UAV Survey Mapping and Geo AI Solutions


We offer 3D UAV Survey Mapping and Geo AI Solution for your structure, land and highway management and development needs. We carry out topographic survey similar to conventional method but with significant cost and workload reduction for surveyors. 

Coupled with intelligent algorithm and predictive capabilities of Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (GEO AI), we can generate high quality, sharp analysis on the aerial mapping. We help develop the best plans to suit your project requirements.

Table of Content

What is UAV Survey?

A surveying technique that employs drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for aerial mapping. UAVs are equipped with sensors such as RGB or LIDAR cameras to capture, measure, transmit and store layers of data. Data are captured via photography from various angles, with each image is tagged with coordinates. Using photogrammetry software, a 3D model of the surveyed area can be generated where its information such as distance and volume measurements can be extracted easily.

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What is Geo AI?

Geo AI is a combination of AI technology and GIS functions. The geospatial visualization and analysis capability of GIS is empowered with AI machine learning techniques (i.e. object detection and classification) and new statistical patterns to create powerful predictive analytics, which drives richer insights, accurate predictions and better decision making for stakeholders. For years, the advanced capability of Geo AI has brought enormous benefits to industrial sectors such as construction, agriculture, energy and telecommunication. 

The benefits of merging UAV with Geo AI-applied solution:

  1. Smart Decision Making
  2. Reduce Turnaround Time
  3. Solves Complex Problems
  4. Minimize Errors
  5. Reduce Labor Costs and Lowers Infrastructure Investments


1. Site Overview and Analysis

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Data Acquisition/ Data Collection

  1. UAV Platform
  2. Zoom Sensors
  3. Thermal Sensors
  4. Real-time Kinetic (RTK) Drone

Data Analysis

Data Processing

  1. Aerial Imagery
  2. Reality Mesh
  3. Precision Photogrammetry

Data Management

  • Web based Solution

2. UAV Digital Mapping

Aerial Data Acquisition

Ground Data Acquisition

Data Processing

3. Field Work

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Provide 3D Model of subject rendered from actual vertical and oblique aerial images

Provide close up Images

4. Geo AI Solutions

Innovations in spatial science, artificial intelligence, deep data learning and mining inclusive high-performance computing to extract knowledge from spatial data.

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