Structural and Slope Condition Assessment


We have specialists in providing professional Structural/Building and Slope Condition Assessment that can match with any engineering requirements. We help conduct ‘health check‘ on buildings and embankment/slopes.  

Building Condition Assessment aims to ensure that the building or assets (i.e. bridge) is safe to occupy, defects and other hazards in the building are quickly detected and deterioration of building can be predicted.

Slope Condition Assessment investigates the vulnerability in slopes or embankment and the probability it will cause the landslides. The availability of state of the art solutions such as wireless landslide monitoring/early-warning system and Augmented Reality (AR) promotes efficient countermeasures to landslides.


Service Features

To check on the structural condition and adequacy of existing structures using various assessment techniques

Visual examination of the existing structure framing members and inspection for indications of structural distress

Assessment of the extent and probable causes of any observed damages

Field measurement and testing, document search and analysis to develop as-built drawings

To utilize state of the art technology – UAV Solutions bundled with AI and AR

To implement digital inventory recording system

Use semi auto or fully automated wireless instrumentation system and implement real time monitoring system for critical site

To develop and automate maintenance management solutions

Let us know what is best for your project

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